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Fashion Leadership Programme

An international Fashion Leadership Programme for all those interested in a career in fashion, textiles, design and the creative arts

During the Fashion Leadership Programme 2023 you will be challenged to design and make a fashion piece with natural and sustainable techniques using inspiration from different cultures. You will then showcase your piece in a fashion show and static exhibition. You will plan, advertise and run the fashion show and exhibition in one of Jersey's castles or historical sites.

  • Design and Fashion
  • Textile work
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

Students from Taiwan's Jhangshu International Creativity Technical High School will be working collaboratively with students from JCG and other local schools.

The course will entail workshops in sustainable and natural processes, and cultural practices. Each day will consist of:

  • Presentations by local experts (or visit to their studio) 
  • Workshops on specialist techniques 
  • Design and making of the garments 
  • Visits to exhibitions and fashion studios to gain inspiration 
  • Site visits to various places In jersey to gain inspiration from their environment

Programme Details:

Location: Jersey College for Girls and locations around Jersey

Dates: 24th July to 3rd August 2023

Age: 14 to 18 Years Old

For more information please email:  [email protected]