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LEAP Ruanda

Na Páscoa de 2023, o LEAP tornou-se verdadeiramente internacional com o lançamento do primeiro programa LEAP fora de Jersey. O LEAP Ruanda foi realizado na prestigiada Green Hills Academy em Kigali e recebeu estudantes de todo o Ruanda para beneficiarem da formação e das oportunidades do LEAP. 

This was the largest LEAP programme ever at that time with the highest number of delegates (49) since the Female Leadership Programme launched in 2018 in Jersey. Created by Jersey College Foundation, the LEAP programme targets entrepreneurial skills in female high school students. The programme had the honour to receive the visit of 21 inspirational speakers and trainers, who all gave up their time to share their experience with the students.

Since then LEAP Rwanda has grown year on year with 68 students taking part in 2024 from 10 schools, and multiple countries.

LEAP Rwanda wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our sponsors Jersey Overseas Aid, Bank of Kigali, Ecobank, and Kisch.

LEAP Rwanda 2025

Localização: Academia de Green Hills

Dates:  15th to 22th February 2025

Participantes: Estudantes com idades compreendidas entre os 14 e os 18 anos (apenas raparigas)


International students:  £1000 (Includes course fees, food and accommodation)

Local students: £300

Para mais informações, contactar: [email protected]

LEAP Rwanda 2025