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Nothing is better than music. When it takes us out of time, it has done more for us than we have the right to hope for.

Nadia Boulanger

Performing, both individually and with small groups and in larger ensembles with friends is at the heart of all we offer and this is why music flourishes at JCG. 

There are choirs and instrumental ensembles of all types, enabling a rich diet of music to exist at JCG.

Every week during term a wide range of instruments is taught by visiting staff from the Jersey Music Service and from our own - Polyphony programme.

In addition to individual lessons and group performances there is an annual House Music competition incorporating individual, ensemble, composition, and Whole House performances. Students and ensembles are encouraged to perform in the Eisteddfod, in the island’s Musician of the Year competition, in seasonal concerts, and in our biannual musical.

Here is a list of the ensembles and choirs we run - any students wishing to join an ensemble should contact Mr Bowley.

  • Cordas 
  • Joint Orchestra 
  • Wind Band 
  • Pop Bands
  • Chamber Choir
  •  Junior Choir
  • Close Harmony 
  • Informal and formal concert performances
  • College Café 
  • Live Lounge