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Mobile Device Approach

Author: Ruth Lea
Date: October 2023
To be reviewed: October 2024

‘We don’t ban children from crossing the road. We teach them how to cross safely and we improve road safety’ Deborah McMillan, Former Children’s Commissioner for Jersey

We do not ban mobile phones but we do have clear distinction between the use of an appropriate mobile device for learning and a mobile phone. A mobile phone is not the most appropriate device to enhance learning and should only be used in lessons when permission has been given by the classroom teacher for a specific task. If a student wishes to use their mobile phone in lessons they must ask for permission. Furthermore all students sign our acceptable use agreement before using any digital technology within College.

We have worked in partnership with our students to agree a community approach to establishing a positive use of technology and mobile devices in a safe, socially aware and managed environment. We aim to educate students in managing their behaviour around technology so that they make positive choices and the benefits enhance their learning and opportunities. Students in Year 7 have a weekly lesson dedicated to Digital Learning, whilst students in Year 9 have a short course. This is in addition to the PSHE provision. 

We wish students to be aware of the negative aspects of some applications and online platforms, and their impact on others. JCG’s approach to using mobile phones is reflected in the statement taken from the Student Mobile Device Survey in November 2019.

“One of the great things about JCG is the fact that students and teachers have mutual respect for each other, and an anti-phone policy threatens this relationship” Quote from student questionnaire (October 2022)

During lessons

We believe that technology can enhance and transform learning. Therefore, we encourage students in all year groups to have an appropriate dedicated device for learning. Mobile phones are not required in lessons, and if a student needs to use their mobile phone for a task, permission must be sought and granted by their classroom teacher. If your mobile phone is used without permission from your class teacher, it will be confiscated and taken to the office where you can collect it at the end of the school day.

Travelling around College

When travelling around the College, you should be safe and aware of your surroundings. Please do not walk around while using your mobile phone. If you are using your mobile while walking around the campus you will be told to put it away.

Technology to enhance learning

We believe that through our imaginative and discerning use of technology we can enhance the learning experience of our students in many ways. To see our advice on the most appropriate mobile devices for learning and for more information on our strategy for digital learning please visit the JCG website.