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Workshop Led By Venue Description
Chinese Calligraphy Miss Rondel/Mrs Rutter A1 The aim of this workshop is to teach how to write Chinese characters using brushes and ink. Learn how to say and write easy and simple characters (ie. Greetings)
Multi-media portraiture Mr Barnett/Mr Jones A2 For an hour, working with multiple mediums and a live model (another student) to practice portraiture skills
Dragon's Stem Mr Sykes B13 Intro: Videos on ITER/ Space X / Chinese Moon Landing & Space Station
In teams of 5 you need to bid for £250 million investment (in chocolate coins) into one of the following:
1) Orbiting Space Hotel (International Space Station or Chinese Space Station)
2) Mission to Mars (NASA Mars Rover)
3) Missions to the Moon and asteroids (Chinese Moon Landing)
4) Clean Energy Fusion Reactor (France, UK, US, Japan and others)
5) Space Telescope (James Webb Space Telescope)

In 30 minutes you need to produce:
A 2 minute pitch to the Dragon(s) for why your team should get the investment including:
A poster marketing your vision for your final product.
A powerpoint or Adobe Spark sharing what has been achieved internationally so far in your area of interest.
Travel the world on a budget Dr Le Masurier B13 Giving ideas on how to plan a gap year, travel on the cheap and experience the world!
Rise of Canucks Mrs Coleman B2 An introduction to all things Canadian. Often being mistaken for our southern American neighbours, Canadian culture is often overlooked or believed to be like the US. So come discover the difference by learning how to speak Canadian (with or without a proper accent!), why we are a bilingual nation, listen to some amazing bands, attempt drawing the maple leaf (harder than it sounds) and explore a land which is a true melting pot of diverse cultures.
How did we get here? Mrs Atkinson C11 In 1948 the Empire Windrush arrived in London from Jamaica bringing one of the first large groups of post-war West Indian immigrants to the U.K. In this workshop we will engage with some history, music and, language that the Windrush ancestors have imprinted on the lives of Britains today.
Introduction to Chinese Poetry Sr. Milner C12 China’s Tang dynasty ruled between the 7thand 10th centuries CE (part of the European 'medieval' period). This is considered a golden age of Chinese culture, in part because of the great flowering of poetry that continues to influence modern writers. With poetry am important part of Tang social life, and with poetry written by and about both men and women, an introduction to the Chinese poetry of this period has much to show us about a fascinating culture.
Check your bias Mrs Mynes C14 We will explore how the brain makes shortcuts in deciding information quickly and how historically this has led to harmful stereotypes that make assumptions about a person, their background, their culture, or race. We will look at the impact this can have across society, from our homes, to school, to the workplace and become more aware of the impact of our actions and words.
Reporters' Workshop Mr Marett C23 If you are interested in journalism, this is the workshop for you. We will begin with a briefing and discuss how diverse cultures are treated in the media and how we can give positive representations of different cultures. We will then go out to various workshops to ‘gather news’ and return for a debrief and prepare to write reports for JCLife.
Write for Rights Miss Morris C25 Make a difference and take part in Amnesty International’s annual campaign, to be the voice for those who have lost theirs. The most recent campaign seeks to show solidarity for those who have fought for LGBTQ+ and women’s rights, freedom of expression, and a right to safety.
Csardas Dance Miss Madai Dance Studio The aim of the workshop will be to introduce a traditional dance form Hungary and learn the choreography of the famous Csardas folk dance.

Students will learn a set piece of choreograph with variation of tempo and with other students in the group.
Yoga Miss Carre Gymnasium This aim of this workshop is for students to understand where Yoga originated from and mindfulness. Students will take part in a yoga session which will include basic moves and some aspects of relaxation.
Sporting Culture Mrs Mountford Heathfield The aim of the workshop will be to take part in an outdoor activity based on a tradition sport from a chosen culture/area.
The Food of Ukraine Mrs de Louche/Mrs Alcala J3 The aim of the workshop will be to introduce students to some of the traditional foods of Ukraine. Working in pairs, students will each prepare a savoury pastry filled with spinach sweetcorn and cheese. There will be a talk and demonstration by the visiting Ukrainian ladies .
Shibori Indigo Workshop Mrs Padidar J4 The use of indigo dye, or aizome, has a long and cherished history in Japan. The deep blue colors for which Japanese textiles are celebrated come from the leaves of the tade ai, a plant introduced to Japan from China in the sixth century. Shiboriis a Japanese technique of manual resist dyeing used to make patterns on fabrics. Learn various shibori techniques and get a chance to make your own shibori creation.
Handling Diversity Mr Coxshall MM1 Students could work in teams of 5 cutting out hand templates of different coloured neoprene and hot glue them together into a collage of their choosing. We could then hang them in the dome to celebrate their work.
Ah bhfuil Gaeilge agat? Mrs Dowdall R1 An opportunity to learn a “cupla focal as Gaelige”. A brief introduction to Irish Language and culture.
Economia Mrs Hadjam R11 The aim of the workshop is to learn why and how we trade with different countries. We will learn about the benefits and problems of international trade and consider how different life in Jersey would be if we did not trade.
Croeso y Gymru Mrs Jervis R24 A whistle stop tour through the beautiful country of Wales. Learn about it’s culture and history; including the Welsh language, Welsh traditions, music, festivals and food.
Mandalas and Mindfulness Miss Williamson/Miss Hallam R25 We will consider the cultural, religious and historical significance of mandalas. We will then explore the principles behind designing a mandala and you will have an opportunity to create one of your own. Whilst making your mandala you will also have an opportunity practice mindfulness, a reflective state of being aware of the present moment.
Mathematical Culture Dr Barker/Mr Lewis R3 For most people, the word mathematics is a noun. But for many people in different cultures, mathematics is not simply something they learn in school but something they do as an intrinsic part of their everyday lives.

This workshop will guide you through some places around the world where this occurs and will give you time to try some of these ideas out.
Subcultures Mr Vibert C16 Cultural identity is not only dictated by nationality and ethnicity. In this session, you will learn about some subcultures that may even give you avenues to feel a sense of belonging.
Pinata Making Mrs Gordon C22 The aim of the workshop will be to introduce students to one of the most popular traditions in Mexico and Latin American countries. Students in groups of 2 or 3 will create and decorate their pinatas whilst learning the history behind these fun fiesta creations.
Bollywood Dancing
Visiting Teacher Drama Studio The aim of the workshop will be to introduce a new dance form from India and learn dance steps and expressions whist enjoying the Indian music. Workshop will be led by dance teacher and her assistant. They will choreograph a part of the song with Bollywood dance steps to a group of 24 students in one workshop.
Portuguese and Madeiran Dance Workshop
Mr Aguair
Learn some Portuguese and Madeiran folk dances and taste some yummy snacks!

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