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JCG Serve

JCG Serves is the expectation that all students at JCG serve their community, whether that is within JCG, the island of Jersey or the world. Anything we do for the benefit of others which we are not compelled to do, and for which we receive no payment, is service. This scheme helps students achieve balance in their school life and gives our students the opportunity to use their skills beyond the classroom to benefit others. 

At the end of each year, certificates are awarded to recognise a student's service to the community. 

JCG Serves examples: 

  • Volunteering at a charity shop 
  • Completing courses such as SPELL Training 
  • Volunteering as a coach at a gym club 
  • Visiting residents in Care Homes 
  • Volunteering at a nursery 
  • Helping at discos for younger students 
  • Helping at School Open Evening 
  • Volunteering as a netball coach at the Prep School 
  • Working at a Kenyan orphanage throughout the summer 
  • Running a debating club for other students 
  • Joining in fundraising events 
  • Volunteering at church 
  • Volunteering through Scouts/Guides or similar 
  • Shopping for an elderly neighbour 
  • Environmental work – e.g. litter picking/woodland clearing 
  • Student Council extra work/Eco group extra work 
  • Volunteering for house events outside school time 
  • Volunteering at Dancing School 
  • Carol singing 
  • Reading to the young or elderly 
  • Mural painting for a nursery 
  • Playing music for a church or charity 
  • Visiting Robin Ward/taking teas and coffees at Jersey General Hospital 
  • Joining St John’s Ambulance Air Cadets 
  • Animal shelter volunteer 
  • Help at tennis club