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Eletivas do 6º ano

In addition to A level subjects, students will select a number of elective (cross-disciplinary) courses. 

Elective courses will differ in length and may or may not be examined. In fact, you may prefer to take a course knowing there is no exam so you can simply enjoy it for what it is. Learning does not equate to being examined. The important thing is that you pursue ideas for their own sake and not simply to pass examinations. 

The range of elective courses on offer will be dynamic, changing from year to year to reflect social change and the needs and interests of our students and staff. Our hope is that you will be brave and choose electives out of intellectual curiosity, rather than opting for what is familiar. 

Ranging from Archery to Zumba, the elective programme offers a true A-Z of opportunities for learning and enrichment. Additional examples of current elective courses include Art and Creativity, Journalism, Psychology of Film, History of Art, Criminology, the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), Living Away from Home and Photography. 

Strengthening your curiosity, making connections between subjects and enjoying learning for learning’s sake will have undoubted benefits to your understanding and achievement in your elected courses. This will make you a better learner. 

Your wellbeing is at the heart of all we do at JCG and we will encourage you to participate in activities which specifically focus on this. At JCG we have a culture of service to others and of caring for our environment. The Advanced Learning Programme will expect you to participate in community service and have a positive impact on your local / global community. Service to and for someone else awakens within us an understanding of our interdependence.